Photo Competition Fröbel in the world

The concept of kindergarten has triumphantly spread from Thuringia right around the world. In numerous lands, the German word “Kindergarten” has been accepted into general language use.

Join in!
With your photos, help us to bring Fröbel’s work and his legacy back into the public, political and educational spotlight.

View your home, place of work, and above all, your holiday destinations with a new eye, and participate in our photography competition. Capture Fröbel’s legacy in Germany and the world, and share your photographs with us.

A happy game in kindergarten, a nature excursion with a teacher, group learning and creative afternoons – for many of us, these childhood memories are deeply rooted.

Friedrich Froebel is considered to be the founder of kindergarten. His ideas concerning childhood, education and upbringing, which revolutionized early childhood learning in his time, remain highly relevant today. His work is recognized worldwide and his influence on early childhood education has impacted many other disciplines, such as art and architecture. However, despite all this, awareness of Froebel and his importance in Germany appear to be dwindling. We want to change this!


An expert jury made up of Fröbel experts and keen photographers has been assembled to judge the pictures and name the winners. The jury includes representatives from the following institutions, associations and projects:

Friedrich Fröbel Museum, Bad Blankenburg
Fröbelverein Oberweißbach e.V.
Fotoprojekt photogenX, Hawaii
Gesellschaft für Fotografie e.V., Landesverband Thüringen


The Photography Competition is part of the Fröbel Decade. Until 2020, when the theme “Froebel’s Ideas in Germany and the World” is planned, the best photographs will be judged annually.
Photographs can be sent up until September 30, 2020!

How it works:

  • Send us a maximum of five of your best photographs on the theme “Froebel in the World” with our Picture-Upload-Tool.
  • Add the following details to your photograph:
    • Author name and email address
    • Photograph title
    • A brief description of where and why the photograph was taken
  • Don’t forget to agree to our competition terms and conditions.

Please feel free to share the competition with friends, family, colleagues and other interested parties.

Participants under 18 years : please specify age (special category)

Competition Terms and Conditions:

1. An authorised participant is one who has digitally submitted up to five photographs on the theme, complete with full details, by September 30, 2020. Members of the jury are not eligible to take part in the competition.

2. The participants must ensure that they hold the rights to the submitted photographs, and that the rights of third parties – including those pictured in the photographs – are not damaged. The submitted material must not contravene German law.

3. The participants allow the Fröbel Network, represented by the City of Bad Blankenburg, to use and publicise the submitted material publicly in relation to the theme of Fröbel. There is no guarantee of publication.

4. In 2020, an exhibition of selected photographs and an accompanying book are planned. The exhibition will be shown in various locations during the final year of the Fröbel Decade. Depending on the exhibition’s location, the number of photographs shown may be reduced.  The implementation of this activity is not compulsory for the event organisers.

5. The decision of the jury is binding and not legally contestable.

6. The winners of the photography competition agree to the publication of their names and agree to the storage of their contact details in the framework of the photography competition. All contact details will be treated with the strictest confidence and not given to third parties.

7. Prizes may not be exchanged for money or given to a third party. The judges’ decision is final.

I accept the conditions of participation.

Competition photos

Mein Turm ist gleich fertig!

Mein Turm ist gleich fertig!

Der Turm ist gleich fertig!

Der Turm ist gleich fertig!

"Spur der Steine" an der "Fröbelsruh" in Sonneberg

"Spur der Steine" an der "Fröbelsruh" in Sonneberg

FRÖBI ist da - Frühling an der Fröbelsruh in Sonneberg

FRÖBI ist da - Frühling an der Fröbelsruh in Sonneberg