Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel - eine Idee geht um die Welt

Fröbel Decade

More than 200 years ago, Friedrich Fröbel was one of the first to recognise the importance of the first year of life and an intact family for the healthy development of a child. Early childhood education and its significance for building a child’s social competence are highly topical themes, often discussed in politics and society.

The Fröbel Decade features a series of themed years, which provide answers from various aspects to the question: what is the importance of Fröbel’s philosophy for our life today? Click here for more information.

Theme of the year 2015: Froebel's Kindergarten

Fröbelfachtag "Fröbel, der Schulmann"

Fachtag der International Froebel Society Deutschland e.V. in Keilhau,
in Kooperation mit: Fröbel-Dekade, Neuer Thüringer Fröbelverein e.V., JugendSozialwerk Nordhausen e.V.

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