Fröbel Network

Fröbel Network

Successful Cooperation with Stakeholders from Various Fields

The life and achievements of Friedrich Fröbel are closely linked to Thuringia, especially the Schwarzatal. Bad Blankenburg, Oberweißbach and Keilhau belong to the “pilgrimage” sites visited by Fröbel fans from all over the world.

These facts were the starting point for the decision to designate Fröbel as a unique symbol for the region Rennsteig-Schwarzatal, with a state-wide significance. To this end, under the leadership of the city of Bad Blankenburg, a network was formed of Fröbel lovers, as well as stakeholders from educational facilities, sites of interest and associations connected with Fröbel. As the numbers of those involved in the Fröbel Network increase, so too does its reputation nationwide and the content of its work has grown beyond the framework of touristic intention.

The aim of the Fröbel Network is to bring the life and achievements of Friedrich Fröbel more into the public eye, removing it from a museum context and bringing it into contemporary practice. To this end, the Fröbel Network created the Fröbel Decade, which aims to provide answers to the question: what is the importance of Fröbel’s philosophy for our life today?

Institutions and Members of the Fröbel Network

City of Bad Blankenburg

Bad Blankenburg Town Hall

Saalfeld-Rudolstadt City Council, Investment Management

Memorial Museum Oberweißbach

Fröbel Museum Bad Blankenburg

Evangelisches Allianzhaus Bad Blankenburg GmbH

New Thuringia Fröbel Association Keilhau e.V.

Fröbel Asssociation Oberweißbach e.V.

Free Fröbel School Keilhau / Youth Social Network Nordhausen e.V.

Fröbel Association Bad Blankenburg e.V.

AWO Kindergarten “Fröbelhaus” Bad Blankenburg

AWO Kindergarten “Friedrich Fröbel” Oberweißbach

Primary School “Friedrich Fröbel” Bad Blankenburg

City of Bad Liebenstein

City Council, Department of Education

Friends of Friedrich Fröbel Bad Liebenstein e.V.

LEADER Action Group Saalfeld-Rudolstadt e.V.

LEADER Action Group Wartburg Region e.V. / City Council

Wartburg Network, Promotion of Trade and Industry

Mirko Klich

Themenjahr 2021 - Frauen und Männer in Erziehungsberufen

In diesem Jahr nehmen wir den Beruf der Erzieherin und des Erziehers in den Blick, diskutieren deren Bedeutung für die frühkindliche Bildung und betrachten die aktuelle Ausbildungssituation.

Was macht für Sie eine/n Kindergärtner/in aus?
Warum sind Sie vielleicht selbst Kindergärtner/in (geworden)? Was macht für Sie den Beruf aus? Was beschäftigt Sie zu dieser Thematik?

Schreiben Sie uns! An:

Fröbel Places of Interest

Fröbel Archive - Historic Library, Fröbel School Museum and New School Library
The Fröbel Archive in Keilhau - historic library, Fröbel School Museum, rock collection and new school library in one.

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