Annual topic 2021

Women and Men in Educational Careers

Friedrich Fröbel was one of the first to recognise the importance of qualified and motivated kindergarten teachers in early childhood education. With his invention and establishment of the profession of kindergarten teacher, Fröbel also made an important contribution to the emancipation of women. His requirement for the raising of self-determined, independent people was the high quality of pedagogic training.

Today, similar numbers of men and women conduct educational work. However, while the importance of early childhood education is now recognised, the associated professions still attract only a low level of appreciation within society.

The themed year in 2021 places kindergarten teachers directly in central focus, with discussions planned over the importance of competent staff in early childhood education and the current training situation. The theme will not only be theoretically treated; practical training possibilities and qualifications (political) will also be examined.

Themenjahr 2020 - Fröbels Ideen in Deutschland und der Welt

zum 180. Jubiläum der Gründung des ersten Kindergartens

In diesem Jahr gehen wir auf die Suche nach Geschichten und Bildern rund um das Thema Kindergarten in Deutschland und der Welt und rufen alle Interessierten dazu auf sich uns darin anzuschließen!

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Fröbel Places of Interest

Froebel Schools, Keilhau
The original buildings of Fröbel's "General German Education Institute" in Keilhau are today still used as a school facility.

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