Themenjahr 2017

Fröbel, the Pedagogue

Friedrich Fröbel worked as a tutor and taught at the Pestalozzi Model School in Frankfurt am Main. His knowledge of natural sciences, which he earlier studied, and his experience as a teacher influenced his modern educational concepts, which he successfully put into practice during his teaching work.

Fröbel’s philosophy focused not only on early childhood education, for which he is best known, but also on school and vocational education. At heart, was a desire for an integrated, continuous and coordinated education, from pre-school through to tertiary level.

The first Fröbel educational facility was the “Allgemeine Deutsche Erziehungsanstalt” (General German Education Institute), which was established in 1816 in Griesheim, near Stadtilm, and moved in 1817 to Keilhau. A few years later, Fröbel publicised his concept of a Reform School in Helba, near Meiningen, with students from pre-school age to secondary and even tertiary level. Fröbel designated the planned institution as a polytechnic, by which he meant the connection of general education with technical knowledge. The institution was never realised.

In the themed year for 2017 - Fröbel, the Pedagogue - special focus will be placed on the grounding of the first Fröbel School – the “Allgemeine Deutsche Erziehungsanstalt” (General German Education Institute) - 200 years ago. The relevance and topicality of the Fröbel philosophy will also be discussed, as will current school and education debates.

Themenjahr 2018 - Fröbel und die Politik

„Die Sache der Kindheit kann keiner Parthei angehören“ (Zitat F. Fröbel). Wie Friedrich Fröbel seiner Zeit setzen auch wir uns im Themenjahr „Fröbel und die Politik“ für die Sache der Kindheit ein: Kampagne "Die Welt spricht KINDERGARTEN! Für den Begriff KINDERGARTEN im öffentlichen Sprachgebrauch" - Petition, Mitmachaktionen, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Diskussionsabende und Bewerbung als Immaterielles Kulturerbe.

Fröbel Places of Interest

Fröbel House, Bad Blankenburg
A kindergarten is again to be found in the Fröbel House in Bad Blankenburg, which at various times has been used as a recreational facility for kindergarten teachers, the Fröbel Museum and a kindergarten.
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